Personal Growth Through Unique Experiences

Experiential Community is a doacracy, where the doers are rewarded for their contributions.  Annually, we review each member's contributions to the community and elevate or reduce status accordingly.

Here are the current levels and descriptions:

"Members" is the first level given and is held by all first-timers and those who do not satisfy any of the elevated criteria.

"Working Members" make a sustained effort and contribute something to the community either on or off Playa.

"Managing Members" are the people who are so helpful to you in running the camp on Playa, or who did so much work preparing off playa, that they are unambiguously core members of the village.

"Leading Members" are the people who consistently do the thankless work of organizing, wrangling, and working well in advance of the festival, as well as staying for most of cleanup. So if you are a rockstar ON playa, you may be a Managing Member, but to be a Leading Member you need to be a rockstar OFF playa, like right now, when nobody is looking and nobody else cares. We draw this distinction, because without the Leading Members setting it all up, nobody gets to shine as a Managing Member.

"Responsible Members" are the tiny cadre who clean it all up and pack it all out, year in year out, NO MATTER WHAT. Responsible Members are the guarantors of this whole project, because without them, piles of trash and half our equipment would be left in the desert each year. We draw this distinction, between Leading Members and Responsible Members, because without Responsible Members staying behind until Wednesday if necessary, regardless of everything else they value in life, all our camps would cease to exist in one year.

Thank you to all of our members at every level for their support, you are the community and you are the magic.

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