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The desert heat is a harsh environment for wine! Our excavation crews work tirelessly to provide the premiere subterranean wine cellar in Black Rock City, where you can store your precious varietals free of charge. Our vintners labor year round to turn playa grapes into many delectable varietals, including the legendary Vinum Pejorative, the only wine produced entirely in the Black Rock Desert. Find us in the Court of One Sister, and join us for tastings, education, and thoughtful discussion of the vintner's art.
  • $125 camp dues
  • $175 village dues (less if paid early, more if paid late)
  • Staff 2 wine service shifts out of 10 during the week:
    • 2:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday
    • 9:00pm to 1:00am, Monday through Friday
  • Shower plan available to French Quarter village members for $75 through Dusty Joe's Rust Bucket
  • Remove your own trash, your own grey water, and 1 bag of camp trash at the end of the event
  • Help with teardown on Saturday before the Burn, and village cleanup and packing through Monday
  • Meet your responsibilities to avoid bringing shame to your family for generations
  • Located in the Black Rock French Quarter village
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