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Coffee lovers! Can you hear the fresh grind and smell the rich roast in the air? CafĂ© de la Fin du Monde returns to the Esplanade, to share the art of the bean with BRC! Seek our green and white stripes to start those lazy mornings, and cap off those crazy nights, with a cup of the darkest expression of God’s love.

  • Donate 5lbs (2.3kg) of whole bean coffee to the camp
  • $150 camp dues
  • $175 village dues (less if paid early, more if paid late)
  • Staff 3 coffee making shifts out of 30 during the week (includes clean up and the ritual coffee dance):
    • 8:00am to 11:00am, Sunday through Sunday
    • 11:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday through Sunday
    • 9:00pm to 12:00am, Sunday through Saturday
    • 12:00am to 3:00am, Sunday through Saturday
  • Shower plan available to French Quarter village members for $75 through Dusty Joe's Rust Bucket
  • Remove your own trash, your own grey water, and 1 bag of camp trash at the end of the event
  • Help with teardown on Saturday before the Burn, and village cleanup and packing through Monday
  • Meet your responsibilities to avoid bringing shame to your family for generations
  • Located in the Black Rock French Quarter
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